Amen (5th grade)

Intermediate syncopation and intervals, multiple endings and repeats in an African American Christmas Spiritual.

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  • Grade: Fifth (5)
  • Origin: African American Spiritual
  • Key: F Major
  • Time: 3/4
  • Form: ABCD
  • Rhythm: intermediate: | ta/a/ ti ta | syncopation, ta/a/a ta | ta (ta) ta/a | ti ta ti ta ta | syncopation, | ti ti ti ti ta ta | (ta/a ta) ta | ta ta ti ti ti (ti) | ti ta ti ti ti ti ti | syncopation
  • Pitches: intermediate: La So Do Re Mi Fa So La
    (one octave)
  • Intervals: intermediate: Do\La (m3), So/Do (P4), Do/Mi (M3), Mi/So (m3), La\Mi (P4), Do/La (M6)
  • Musical Elements: notes: dotted half, half, quarter, eighth; rests: whole, half, quarter; repeated rhythm patterns, multiple repeat signs, first and second endings, syncopation, solo part, vocal slur, tied notes
  • Key Words: African American History, sacred, amen, shepherds, manger, baby Jesus, Christmas, sing stronger, Mother Mary
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