Crawdad Song

Syncopation, lowered mediant (3, Me) blue note, ascending and descending tonic arpeggios, and descending submediant arpeggio (vi, Dm).

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  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: USA - Folk Song
  • Key: F Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: phrases: ABCD
  • Rhythmbeginners: | ta ti ti ta ta | syncopation, | ta ta/a/a _|_a/a/a/a | ta ta ta ti ti | syncopation, | ta ta ta ta | ta ta/a ta | syncopation, (_=tie)
  • Pitchesintermediate: So La Do Re Me Mi So La - lowered/flat mediant, Me, (3, A flat - blue note)
  • Intervalsintermediate: Do/Mi\Do (M3), Do\La (m3), La/Do (m3), Do/Mi/So ascending tonic arpeggio (I, F), So\M/So (m3), So\Re (P4), So\Mi\Do descending tonic arpeggio (I, F), Mi/Do/La descending submediant (vi, Dm), So/Mi (M6), La\Me augmented 4th (A4)
  • Musical Elements: notes: whole, dotted half, half, quarter, eighth; rest: quarter; tied notes, syncopation, blue note, vocal slurs, variations on rhythms to match verse syllables, tonic arpeggios, submediant arpeggio
  • Key Words: USA history, crawdad: (crawfish) fresh water shrimp, courting song, fishing song, boy/girl song, camp song, fishing line, fishing pole, fishing hole, slept, too, to, gate, gunny sack, pack, apple pie, watch, honey, change
  • Recorderintermediate: introducing A flat , blue note

blue note - a lowered/flatted note, especially the third or seventh note of a scale, in place of an expected major interval

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