Land of the Silver Birch

Counting beat divisions and rhythm in 2/2 (cut time), minor tonality with tonic and submediant arpeggios.

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  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: Canada - Folk Song
  • Key: D minor (pitched in F Major)
  • Time: 2/2 - cut time (4/4 also shown)
  • Form: phrases: ABbCD - song: AB, verse/refrain
  • Rhythmintermediate2/2: | ta ti ti | ti ti ta | ti ta ti | syncopation, | ti ti ri ti ti | syncopation, | ta/a | ta ta |
  • Pitchesbeginners: La Do Re Mi So La - also the pitches of the pentatonic scale
  • Intervalsintermediate: La/Mi (P5) Mi\La (P5), Mi/La (P4), So\Mi\Do descending tonic arpeggio (I, F) Mi\Do\La descending submediant arpeggio (vi, Dm), La/Do (m3), Do\La (m3)
  • Musical Elements: notes: whole, half, quarter, eighth; tied notes, syncopation, vocal slur, pentatonic scale pitches, minor tonality, verse/refrain
  • Key Words: world geography: Canada; Native North Americans, earth science, animal science, silver birch (tree), beaver, mighty moose, wanders, at will, lake, rocky shore, forest, lowlands, thee, hills, north, rocky ledge, wigwam, edge, silent, still; possessive: water's
  • Recorderintermediate: D minor, tonic (i, Dm) and mediate (III, F) descending arpeggios

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