O Little Town of Bethlehem

Beginning syncopation, sharp supertonic (Ra), and ascending submediant octave skip (La/La).

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  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: USA - Christmas Hymn, 1868 - words: Rector Phillips Brooks (1835-1893), music: organist Lewis Redner* (1831-1908)
  • Key: F Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: ABCD
  • Rhythmbeginners: | ta ta ta ta | ta ti ti ta ta | ta/a/a ta | ta ta ta/ ti | syncopation
  • Pitchesintermediate: So La Ti Do Ra Re Mi Fa So La
    - raised/sharp supertonic (Ra)
  • Intervalsintermediatem2: Mi\Ra/Mi; m3: Mi/So;
    : Do/Mi; P4: La/Re, Mi/La; P5: Re\So; m6: Fa\La; M6: So/Mi; P8: La/La ascending submediant octave skip
  • Musical Elements: notes: dotted half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; pickup beat, sharp supertonic (Ra), submediant octave skip, syncopation
  • Key Words: USA geography: Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; world geography: Bethlehem; Bible story, Christmas Hymn, Christmas carol, sacred, birth of Jesus, thee (you), dreamless, stars, shineth (shine), everlasting, hopes and fears, Christ, Mother Mary, gathered, mortals, angels, wondering, morning, proclaim, holy birth, praises, God or King, silently, wondrous, imparts, blessings, heaven, meek, souls, receive, misery, charity, watching, faith, wakes, breaks, Christmas, holy child, descend, pray, cast, sin, tidings, abide, Lord Emmanuel

* original tune was titled: "St. Louis"

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