Shine On Harvest Moon

Advanced syncopation, 2/2 counted in 4/4, raised tonic (Di), raised mediant (3, Fa), and a subdominant arpeggio with a sharp root and fifth (iv#7, c#m7).

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  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: USA - words: Jack Norworth, music: Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth - 1908
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 2/2 (counted in 4/4)
  • Form: AB*
  • Rhythmadvanced: | ta/a ta/a | ta ta ti ta ti | syncopation, | ta/a/ ri ti/ ri | syncopation, | ta/a/a (ta) | ta ti ta ti ta | syncopation, | ti/ ri ti/ ri ti/ ri ti/ ri | syncopation, | ti/ ri ti/ ta/ (ta) | syncopation, | ta/a/a ta | ta ti ta ta/ | syncopation, | ta/ ti ti ti ti ti | syncopation
  • PitchesadvancedFa Fi So La Do Di Re Mi Fa So - raised/sharp tonic (1, Di) raised mediant (3, Fa) notea sharp third/Mi is the same as the fourth/Fa
  • IntervalsadvancedMi\Di\La\Fi descending subdominant arpeggio with raised root and fifth and added seventh (iv#7, c#m7), Fi\Fa/Fi (m2), Fi/Mi (d7 - diminished seventh), Re/So, (P4), So\Mi (m3), Do\La/Do (m3), So/Do (P4), Do/Fa (P4), Do\So (P4)
  • Musical Elements: notes: dotted half, half, dotted quarter, quarter, dotted eighth, eighth, sixteenth; rest: quarter; pickup beat, cut time, syncopation, raised tonic and mediant, sharp subdominant arpeggio, diminished seventh
  • Key Words: USA history, theatre history: vaudeville, Ziegfeld Follies (songs debut), courting song, harvest moon, January, February, June, July, snow time, spoon, gal, abbreviation: lovin' (loving)

* Chorus to the early twentieth century vaudeville song, where songs about the moon were popular: "By the light of the Silvery Moon", "(On) Moonlight Bay".

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