Steal Away (Duplicate)

Syncopation, mastering the tonic arpeggio in voice and recorder, solo section with chorus and refrain.

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  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: USA - African American Spiritual
  • Key: F Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: staves: ABCDAB - phrases: ABCA - refrain/verse/chorus/refrain - song ABA, refrain/verse/refrain
  • Rhythmintermediate : | ta/ ti ta/a | syncopation, | ta/ ti ta ta | syncopation, | ta ta/a/a | ti ti ta ta/ ti | syncopation, | ta ta ta ta | ta ta/a ti ti | ta ta/a ta | ta/ ti ta/ ti | syncopation, | ti ta/ ta/ ti | ta ta ta/ ti |
  • Pitchesintermediate: Do Re Mi So La - pentatonic scale
  • Intervals: intermediate: Do../Mi../So..repeated rhythmic pitches for the ascending tonic arpeggio (I, F), LaRe (P5), MiDo (M3), Do/La (M6), Mi/So (m3), SoDo (P4), Do/Mi (M3), SoMi/So (P5), SoMiDo/Mi/So descending/ascending tonic arpeggio (I, F)
  • Musical Elements: notes: dotted half, half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; D.C. al Fine, Fine, vocal slur, instrumental slur (recorder), syncopation, pentatonic scale, tonic arpeggios, refrain/verse/refrain, fermata, two double barlines; tempo: slow and fast, refrain/solo/chorus/refrain, singing alone and with others
  • Key Words: USA history; African American history, sacred, steal away, Jesus, Lord call me, thunder, trumpet sounds, soul, sinners, trees bending, lightning; contraction: ain't (have not)Recorderintermediate: mastering the tonic arpeggio within the pentatonic scale, syncopation, instrumental slurs, F/D (M6), tempo: slow and fast
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