This Little Light of Mine

Advanced syncopation, augmented second (A2, Do/Ri), and chromatic minor seconds.

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  • Grade: Fifth
  • Origin: USA - African American Spiritual
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: ABA - refrain/verse/refrain
  • Rhythmadvanced: | ta ti ti ti ta/ | syncopation, | ta/a (ta/a) | ta/a ti ta/ | syncopation, | ta/a ta/a | ta/a/a ta | ti ta ti ti ti ti ta_|_/ ta ta/ (ti) ti | syncopation (_=tie), | ta ta ta ta | ta ti ta/ (ti) ti | syncopation, | ti ti ti ta/ (ti) ti | syncopation, | ta ti ti ti ti ti ta_|_/ ta ta/ (ti) ti | syncopation, | ti ti ta ti ti ta | ti ta ta/ (ti) ti | syncopation, | ta ta ti ta ti | syncopation, | ta ti ta/ ta ti | syncopation, | ta ta ti ti ta |
  • Pitchesintermediate: So La Ti Do Re Ri Mi So - raised/sharp supertonic (2, Ri)
  • Intervalsintermediate: La/Do (m3), Do/Mi (M3), Do\La (m3), Do/So8\Do (P5), Do/Ri (A2, augmented second), Ti\So (M3), Re/Ri/Mi (chromatic m2's)
  • Musical Elements: notes: half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; rests: half, eighth; accidentals: sharp, natural; syncopation, tied notes, augmented second Do/Ri, chromatic movement (m2's), D.C. al Fine, Fine, melodic rhythm patterns, refrain/verse/refrain
  • Key Words: USA history, African American history, day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; sacred, he (God), gift of grace, peace, faith, pray, gift divine; contractions: gonna (going to), I'm (I am)
  • Recorderadvancedadvanced syncopation, playing in G Major, introducing A#, augmented second (A2)

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