All Night, All Day

Challenge students to sing refrain and verses in two parts together.

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  • Grade: Second
  • Origin: USA - African American Spiritual
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 2/4
  • Form: refrain: ABAC - verse: ABAC
  • Rhythm: advanced: | ta/a | ta/ ti | ta ta | ti/ ri ti ti | ti ta/ | ti ti ta |
  • Pitchesintermediate: So La Ti Do Re Mi So
  • Intervals: intermediate: So/Do, Do/Mi, Do\La, La/Do, Do/So, So\Mi, Mi\Do, Re\Ti
  • Musical Elements: notes: half, dotted quarter, quarter, dotted eighth, eighth; refrain/verse, D.C. al Fine (da capo al fine/repeat from beginning to fine) Fine (finish/end), intervals of a third, mastering the intervals Do\La/Do, singing in parts, common ending: Re\Ti/Do
  • Key Words: sacred, African American history month, spiritual, evening prayer, bedtime prayer, Angels, Lord, watching, sleep, lay, wake, pray

Partner song"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot!"

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