Practicing syncopation and breath control with an old melody which builds slowly before stepping between the dominate (So) to the tonic (Do) using a variety of rhythms.

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  • Grade: Third
  • Origin: melody: England, same tune as "God Save the Queen" lyrics: USA, Samuel F Smith 1832
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 3/4
  • Form: staves: ACBD - song: AB
  • Rhythmintermediate: | ta ta ta | ta/ ti ta | syncopation, | ta/a/a | ta ti ti ti ti | ti ti ta ta |
  • Pitchesintermediate: Ti Do Re Mi Fa So La
  • Intervalsintermediate: Re\Ti, Do/So, Do/Mi, La\Fa
  • Musical Elements: notes: dotted half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; syncopation, vocal slur
  • Key Words: early national anthem of the USA, USA history, country, liberty, fathers, Pilgrims, pride, mountainside, freedom, native, noble, rills, rapture, thrills, swell, breeze, tongues, awake, breathe, partake, prolong, God, Thee, author, bright, holy, protect, might, King, American independence; contraction: 'tis (it is); abbreviation: ev'ry (every); possessives: pilgrim's, freedom's, fathers'

Also known as "My Country 'Tis of Thee," "America" along with "Hail, Columbia" served as one of the early national anthems of the United States of America, before the adoption of "The Star Spangled Banner" in 1931. (also in 3/4 time)

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