Jingle Bells

Introducing the major and minor sixths.

  • Grade: Third
  • Origin: USA - James Pierpont, 1857
  • Key: G Major
  • Time: 4/4
  • Form: AB - verse/chorus
  • Rhythmbeginners: | ta ta ta ta | ta/a/a ti ti | ta ta ta/a | ta/a/a (ta) | ta ta ta/ ti | syncopation, | ta/a/a/a | ta ta ta ti ti |
  • Pitches: intermediate: So La Ti Do Re Mi Fa So La
  • Intervals: intermediateSo/Mi (M6), Do\So, Do\La, La/Fa (m6), Re\Ti, Fa\Re, Re/So, Mi/So, So\Do
  • Musical Elements: notes: whole, dotted half, half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; melodic rhythm patterns, syncopation, verse/chorus
  • Key Words: USA - Thanksgiving, seasonal song, sleigh ride, one-horse open sleigh, open sleigh, James Pierpont, Christmas, holiday song, jingle bells, snow song, dashing, fields, laughing, bobtails, spirits bright, sleighing song, thought, Miss Fanny Bright, seated, horse, lean and lank, misfortune, seemed, lot, drifted, upsot; abbreviation: o'er (over)

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